IVC Brunel Healthcare Manufacturing – Gender Pay Information

The data presented below has been prepared in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. The figures were taken from our employee data that was correct as at 5th April 2019.

Gender Pay Gap Results

Mean Gender Pay Gap: 17.52%

Median Gender Pay Gap: 8.60%

Mean bonus Gender Pay Gap: 72.58%

Median bonus Gender Pay Gap: 9.21%



Percentage of employees who received bonus pay:



Employees by pay quartile:



Upper Quartile:



Upper Middle Quartile:



Lower Middle Quartile:



Lower Quartile:




IVC Brunel Healthcare is a VMS Manufacturer employing on average 440 members of staff. We are fully compliant with Equal Pay legislation i.e. ensuring that male and female counterparts are paid equally. We have however identified through our Gender Pay Gap analysis that we do need to monitor and review pay in order to understand and address the Gender Pay Gap results we have identified.

Our results – Typically our employees work within our factory facility in Operative type roles covering Manufacturing processes, Packing, Warehousing and Engineering. Having analysed our Gender Pay Gap, we believe the gap is driven largely by the industry we operate within. Traditionally it has been harder to attract women into this industry as manufacturing and engineering remain male dominated sectors. During recruitment initiatives, our applicants are predominantly male with far fewer applications received from women seeking employment in this sector. We believe our results are typical of similar organisations within our sector.

Our recruitment process are free from discrimination of any kind and are driven by the skills and experienced required for the role as identified in our Person Specifications. Our internal processes relating to pay, staff development and training are also free from discrimination.

IVC Brunel Healthcare has therefore committed to extend its monitoring process in relation to recruitment. We are committed to reviewing all recruitment processes with a view to maximising our appeal to future female recruits. We will also continue to offer both internal and external training opportunities equally but with particular focus on any barriers identified that may prevent women seeking progression.

We believe that in focusing on these areas of Gender Pay, we will be successful in reducing the Gender Pay Gap within our organisation in the future.

John Hackett

Managing Director

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